Artist Statement

The reinterpretation and recoding of the built environment in the interest of capital has drastically altered the messages of urban space. Due to the rapid pace of construction the world is increasingly becoming a simulacrum where hopeful images of the future are drastically out of touch with reality. Spaces have become advertisements for a newly developed world that is right around the corner, one that promises more than the familiar prospect of a franchise or a new bank. The vinyl banners depict a tableau that vaguely suggests a potential future despite being composed of false and borrowed images. The result is an anxiety caused by a desire for an impossible future built on a foundation of lies. Behind the storefront windows and fake siding exists a flexible space capable of taking on the color and images of any number of institutions in a constant cycle of promising new development, stale homogeny and well advertised liquidation. By portraying the uncanny renderings of people and places and the reality of the space they’re picturing the disconnect between the two becomes apparent, and an uneasy realm between the two emerges.